Schedule and prices

  • Morning group Kung Fu - 6500 rub. / Month
  • One-time visit to the morning group (Qigong, Kung Fu) - 900 rubles
  • Evening group Kung Fu - 8000 rub. / Month
  • One-time visit to the Evening group (Qigong, Kung Fu) - 1000 rubles
  • Evening Tai Chi & Qigong Group - 6000 rub. / Month
  • One-time visit to the evening classes (Tai Chi, Kung Fu) - 800 rubles.
  • Individual and group classes – according to agreement, call us!

The first week - FREE

Equipment; normal indoor sports clothes. In order to now limit the foots mobility we advice light gym shoes, slippers or barefoot.

Evening training lasts 1 hour 45 minutes without a break.

If you miss a training session, you can attend any other class during the month you have paid for.

If you feel the need for additional classes - you can ask our instructors for individually tailored training sessions.

Included for all is also the visit to our hall for free, when it is not being used for classes.

Classes are scheduled three times a week, without a break for the holidays, except New Year - the school does not operate on December 31 and January 1.

Try it for free!

Stop reading - come to us!

Still not sure?

We offer you a week of free classes. You can visit any of the groups during a week. We will be happy to see you and to answer all your questions and would be glad if you choose to start training with us.

We promise: You will not be bored!